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Visual Screen Content Design & VJ Performer for Live Events

A Less Conventional VJ

Increasingly, Video screens and LED video walls are an integral element for stage productions at private and corporate events. 


When a video wall is used as part of a stage backdrop for live performances, it is generally perceived that the graphics and video content displayed on the screens is an enhancement to the overall lighting design of the event. In deed, most VJ operators have evolved from a background in event lighting. 


In my opinion, this provides an explanation of why, too frequently, screens fail to be used anywhere near their full potential. Instead of a stock video-clip library of loops with pretty patterns and colours, I believe there are far better, more clever and more relevant types of content the screens can be used to display.

Video Walls can be part of the Entertainment.

I have never considered video backdrops as an integral part of event lighting design. Coming from my background, as a stage performer and DJ, I see video walls etc as something to elevate stage performance and as an integral part of the entertainment during an event.


Whilst my live VJ performance will still frequently include typical graphics, I use video clips from my extensive library of video files.  I endeavour to ensure the content always has context with the theme or with whatever is happening at every moment throughout the event. For example, I can combine graphics with the corresponding pop video of the song the band is performing at any particular time.

Other Examples

With any logo or set of images I am able to produce bespoke animations or various new ideas to show photos and texts. Additionally, numerous effects can be produced with live camera feeds. For example, during the performance of a DJ, I can make a host of guest appear on screen as if they are the DJ, or with green screen stations near the stage, guests can be super imposed on to another backdrop on screen.


Another example of ways in which a screen can be used as part of the stage entertainment is with my concept called “Everybody Sing Now”. With the visuals of pop videos or live performances, the video includes the audio of classic tracks, enhanced to also display the lyrics so that everyone on the dance floor can sing along to the songs together.

Your Event

It is always my delight to have the opportunity to discuss a new event enquiry and ways I might be able to contribute towards the general impact of the event experience on your guests.

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