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Introducing a new entertainment concept, appropriate for particular Venues. As well as being a superb way to entertain both dining and drinking customers in Restaurants & Bars, it would likely result in guests remaining at their tables for longer and also attracting new clientele.


called THE LIVE RADIO SHOW,  it essentially consists of a DJ who performs as a radio presenter within a set-up that looks like a small radio studio. It could be considered as a fresh alternative to a regular Jazz afternoon or evening, but has far greater appeal. 


In stark contrast to a regular mobile DJ, guests will enjoy a live themed show that includes commentary, about random points of interest related to the music and theme. Guests are also able to ask for requests and dedications.  


The idea is that The Live Radio Show would be a weekly event, each week having one of a vast range of themes. Examples of changing weekly themes might include   The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Elton John, World Music, Fleetwood Mac, Classical Music, Bob Marley, Guilty Pleasures, Frank Sinatra, David & Bacharach, or Motown.  


The Live Radio Show can be performed inside or out, possibly in a Pub Garden or otherwise in a small corner near dining guests. 


The benefit of the Live Radio Show being a regular weekly event is that the pre-planned themes can be promoted on local social media, attracting those with a range of tastes from week to week, potentially resulting in advanced bookings or reservations for particular dates.


If you find the concept of potential interest, you would likely want to first try it out as a one off. This can be arranged for any midweek evening between Monday and Thursday and would cost just £120.00. Just give me a call to discuss further, to choose a theme and date and then, after, you can decide whether to carry on.

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