New Years Eve
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New Years EVE

DJ Danny began producing a number of public events in 2019. This year he is taking last years success to the next level. Events include IBIZA CHILL HOUSE, FOAM PARTIES, I LOVE THE 80s, & SOUL & HOUSE AFTERNOONERS, all of which are designed for the more nostalgic House Music Lovers, more than often now days parents , with young children. These events take place outdoors , during the afternoon, and are designed to appeal to the entire family.  In addition, in 2020, DJ Danny will also produce outdoor cinema events, featuring movies that the whole family can enjoy. As well as all this, 2020 will see the launch of a School Reunion Event concept, focusing on those who attended school during the 80s. At the end of the year, DJ Danny will produce a couple of family focused Christmas and New Year Eve Events, again, building on the success of events he created a few weeks ago.